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Fitbit Pay

Fitbit Pay is a contactless method of payment which allows the owners of Fitbit smart watches to make purchases simply tapping their watches to payment terminal. The service is available to the holders of Visa cards.
To pay with watch is secure. Card number and other personal data are not being stored within the device and are not being communicated to the seller.
Fitbit Pay is accepted wherever it is possible to pay for a purchase with Belinvestbank-issued Visa payWave.

To link your card credentials to Fitbit Pay

Step 1 set up and run Fitbit app for Android / iOS-based compatibles;
Step 2 press a button in the right corner and select your device from the list, after that press the Set up a Device button;
Step 3 select the Wallet button and press Get Started;
Step 4 create a password and link your card according to the steps specified within the app.
In being added to the app, your card should be active.

To effect payment with Fitbit watch

Step 1 hold the shortcut button and press the emerging Wallet icon;
Step 2 enter your created password if necessary;
Step 3 select a payment card and hold your watch up to the terminal;
Step 4 in purchasing, your watch begins to vibrate.
In case your watch has been lost, it is necessary to remove the payment card from the Fitbit app.
You can refer to the current list of Fitbit Pay supporting devices following the link