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Wallet™ is a service that allows you to pay for your purchases with your smartphone in quick and secure way. Add your Belinvestbank-issued card to the Wallet app and you will be able to pay for your purchases in stores as well as make purchases in the app itself. Moreover, you can add your discount cards, present certificates, tickets and coupons to Wallet to have them always available, in a single app. To get discounts and checkout, all you need is Android-based smartphone supporting NFC, including the Huawei and Honor smartphones.
You can add your Belinvestbank-issued Mastercard plastic card to the Wallet app in a few minutes only.

How to add a card?

Step 1 Download the Wallet app from the official app store:
Google Play — for Android smartphones;
Huawei App Gallery — for Huawei and Honor smartphones.
Step 2 Select “Add a card” in the Wallet app.
Step 3 Type your card information manually or scan it with NFC chip of your smartphone.
Step 4 Accept the Terms of use.
Step 5 Select the activation way (by SMS).
Step 6 Enter a verification code from the Bank’s SMS to enable your card for paying with smartphone in contactless way.
Now you can pay for purchases with your Belinvestbank-issued card, using the Wallet app.

How to checkout?

Step 1 Unlock your smartphone display.
Step 2 Take your smartphone to the terminal.
Step 3 Take your smartphone to the terminal.
To make contactless payments, you will need Android smartphone supporting NFC, including Huawei/Honor, with Android 5.0 and higher operating system. The Wallet app should be downloaded from the official store of mobile operating system or smartphone manufacturer (Google Play, Huawei AppGallery).