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NEW: Belinvestbank’s credit card for small and medium-sized businesses

What to do if a company urgently needs money? For travel expenses, fueling of a corporate vehicle, payment of urgent repairs or for payment for goods? After a working day, on the weekend? Belinvestbank’s Credit Corporate Card is the best solution for companies and individual entrepreneurs! It is the product that allows you to decide by your own how, when to use your funds and for what purposes to spend them.

A Credit Corporate Card is a bank payment card with a renewable credit line. This card is issued in Belarusian rubles, and its owner can be a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur.

The amount which companies can count on is up to 100 base values*. You can use a credit line at any time after a card has been issued!

A Credit Corporate Card gives you a freedom to make a choice - on what to spend money and when to use it, because your card is always at hand. If you need to use your credit line, it can be done within 11 months.

There is an important condition! The limit of credit resources is renewed after a debt has been repaid (in full or partially). Therefore, a company can use money, pay off a debt and immediately borrow a new amount while the term of its credit agreement is valid. It is important to pay off a debt within 30 days from the moment of its incurrence.

To have a settlement account opened in Belarusian rubles with Belinvestbank is an obligatory condition for issuing a Credit Corporate Card.

Three strong arguments in favor of issuing a Credit Corporate Card:

  • funds are available 24/7. You can use credit funds whenever you need them;

  • cost savings. You use the resources obtained only when you need them that means you save on interest;

  • without a pledge and guarantors. This credit is issued under a penalty.

Have you decided to develop your own business? Just apply for a Credit Corporate Card in Belinvestbank's nearest branch.

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* – From January 1, 2021 a base value has become 29 Belarusian rubles.