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The highest wind power plant within the CIS entire territory has been put into service

New wind power plant has appeared in Kopachi village in the Mstislavl District of the Mogilyov Region. It is the highest of a kind not only on the territory of Belarus, but also on that of the CIS. The project is run due to the partnership between “Belinvestbank” JSC and REAG Mogilev CJSC. The official wind power plant start and putting into service took place at the beginning of May 2021.

To get the idea of the object natural size, it is sufficient to imagine a 70-storey house. The height of the wind power plant is 142 meters and the height reaches ca. 210 meters if paddles are taken into account. Even the famous Great Pyramid of Giza is lower, for its height is 138 meters only. The diameter of the windmill mast is also impressive and equals to 5 meters.

It has taken slightly longer than half a year to implement the project. The construction of the wind power plant has been preceded by the attraction of external funds by “Belinvestbank” JSC with the use of trade finance instruments.

“Every Belarusian company involved with green projects is aware of their financing to be carried out by “Belinvestbank” JSC for many years. This is the integral part of the first EcoLogical bank of the country as sustainable business,” stated Andrey Brishtelev, the Chairman of “Belinvestbank” JSC. “We provide companies with an opportunity to implement their international projects aimed at the introduction of energy-efficient technologies. All that benefits to the reduction of carbon emissions and has a favourable effect on climate change. The largest wind power station is a reference project stemming from an effective long-term cooperation with our REAG Mogilev CJSC partner. It will definitely contribute to the preservation, ecology and sustainable development.”

The wind power plant construction site, the Mogilyov Region, has not been chosen by accident. Active air masses zone is situated in the area. As a result, more than half of all country’s windmills is located exactly here. To erect the highest wind power plant, hills terrain with lots of natural uplands not crossing birds of passage migration routes has been chosen.

“Advanced sustainable energy sources are our future,” believes Maksim Khariton, the head of REAG Mogilev CJSC which is a subsidiary of Terravolt AG Swiss company. “Definitely, thermal and nuclear power stations are advantageous as they are constantly generating power. However, in case of severe faults or troubles at such large plants, a paralysis of the entire infrastructure of a settlement may be caused. Green energy allows to avoid such a scenario and is becoming really essential. High stability and minor dependence on seasonal patterns or the time of day are the main advantages of windmill. Moreover, sustainable source of power reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere of our planet. In 2021, we plan to further develop such projects, using suitable trade finance instruments offered by the partner.”

The wind power plant capacity is 3.4 MW per hour. Even today, produced energy comes into the power pool. Residential houses and plants of neighbouring towns, i.e. Krichev, Klimovichi and Mstislavl, become its major consumers. Hourly wind power plant output is sufficient for 10 flats over a month.

You can get further details on ecological projects implementation with the use of trade finance instruments by phone numbers: +375 17 239-01-66 and +375 17 239-55-16.

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