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Belinvestbank-issued Visa cards are also available in Wallet™

Currently at the merchants in Belarus data terminal equipment numbers to more than 160 thousand units, more than 97% out of them can accept contactless payments. Belinvestbank is continuing to add functionality to card infrastructure as well as to that of contactless payments. Starting from today, the holders of Belinvestbank-issued Visa cards can use the Wallet™ service. Upon adding your payment card details to the Wallet app, you will be able to pay for goods and services one-touch at the merchants. Let’s give answers to the top-3 questions: how to use the service, how to pay for a purchase and what extent it is secure.  

How to use the Wallet™ service?

Download the Wallet app from the official app store:

To make contactless payments, you will need a smartphone supporting NFC, with Android 5.0 and higher operating system.

How to pay for a purchase with the Wallet™?

1. Get your smartphone out of the sleep mode.

2. Take your smartphone to the contactless payment terminal, the notification “Card is read. Wait for an answer from the terminal” appears on the display.

3. Wait for an answer from the terminal. (Occasionally, to confirm your payment, you will need to enter your PIN-code and sign a printed receipt.)

The Wallet™ does not require your smartphone to be constantly connected to the Internet and allows you to perform several transactions offline.

How the funds security is ensured in paying with the Wallet™?

High security standards make it possible to use the Wallet™ in performing payments without anxiety. The details of banking cards added to the Wallet™ are protected in accordance with the international Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, PCI DSS. Additionally, an access to payment card details and its account is not granted to the service as data are transmitted to the seller in encrypted form.

Advice: In case your smartphone is lost or stolen, additional protection measures will allow you to avoid possible data leakage. That is why to ensure additional security to payment details, you can set a password, shortcode, unlock pattern or touch login within the Wallet app.     

For reference: The Wallet™ is a free service for quick and secure paying for your purchases wherever contactless payments are available. To use the service, you need to install the Wallet app on your smartphone. You can also upload all your discount cards to it to have them always at hand, i.e. on your smartphone. You can get further details on the Wallet™ service here.

Please be informed that you can get details on the banks products and services by the phone numbers of the Call Center: 146 or +375 17 239-02-39 or with the help of Online Support service as well as within Internet banking system. Moreover, you can ask any questions you like via ViberTelegram and Facebook Messenger.